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CrossFit Sport

If you love high intensity constantly varied workouts, CrossFit sport is for you! Sport is our classic CrossFit programing complete with all the skills and heavy lifts you see the pros doing. This is your opportunity to challenge yourself mentally and physically, learn new skills, and push your athletic capacity to the limit while experiencing what the sport of Crossfit is all about! 

Offered daily in all classes 

5/6/9am 12/4/5/6/7pm 

CrossFit Lifestyle

Weather your a busy mom chasing around kids or retired and looking to focus on your own health and longevity, our lifestyle class is for you! While still incorporating many of the classic Crossfit movements and programming philosophies, CrossFit lifestyle is designed with one goal in mind, to support and enhance your life outside of the gym. Our lifestyle members have been able to stay active through pregnancy, return safely post injury, reverse metabolic disorders, and part ways from daily medications. CrossFit is not just what you see on TV, its a training methodology that can drastically improve your quality of life inside and outside the gym!

Offered daily in all classes 

5/6/9am 12/4/5/6/7pm 

CrossFit Elements

Brand new to CrossFit? Learn movement and terminology basics one-on-one in a personal training environment before taking on group classes. Elements is highly recommended  for athletes new to CrossFit. Depending on your past training history and experience level, your coach will recommend the  perfect number of sessions for you before joining our lifestyle or sport class. 

Scheduled on a

case by case basis 


Child Care 

Don't let your little ones be your excuse for missing the gym!

We offer supervised child care daily during 9am CFR Lifestyle and 5PM CFR Sport. Our child area is separate yet visible from the workout floor to ensure safety.


Child care services are a $39.99 add on option to your monthly membership.