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Free trials are open to any Houston Resident trying CrossFit Revoke for the first time, all levels of experience welcome!

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*A FULL and FUN workout with our community
*An overview of our unique training methodology and class options

*How to begin our beginners Elements Course

*A tour of our training facility

*Specific information on how to transform your health, fitness, and lifestyle in record time!

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(Free trial includes 3 sessions that will expire 7 days after your first class. Must prove Houston residency to claim trial) 

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Learn the basics in our one-on-one four course on ramp program!

On-ramp session are scheduled as personal training sessions to fit your schedule. After purchase please email us to set up your session dates and times. 

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After completing your intro we know you will love CFR and want to jump on board! If you feel confident and ready to take on class, sign up!

Brand new to CrossFit? Learn movement and terminology basics one-on-one in a personal training environment before taking on group classes. Elements is highly recommended  for athletes new to CrossFit. Depending on your past training history and experience level, your coach will recommend the  number of sessions for you before joining our group classes.